• Madhura Murthy M N
    Commercial tax Officer (Probationary) mLAC Batch - 2014

    “Every aspect of my Character was chiseled by mLAC. Besides academical knowledge we were encouraged in the areas of research and co-curricular activities.The college provided me secure environment for learning and best friends in the form of lecturers which made me emotionally attached and indebted to this college till date. ”

  • Mrs Malini C
    Freelance Copy-editor mLAC Batch - 1996

    “This has been the place where I met some great minds, groomed myself, made memories and rejoiced in success. The relationship between faculties and students was very cordial. The time spent here had been splendid and has helped me grow professionally and personally. Thank you for making me a “Better Person”.”

  • Mrs. Jayashree Puttur
    Manager R & D mLAC Batch - 1992

    “College life is the most cherished and best part of my life. No matter where I am, I always miss my College Campus be it lovable small canteen, going on study tours, attending lecturer’s wedding or many hands on one lunch box. Loads of fun with close pals, lifetime friends, all nonsense & naughty talks, cracking baseless jokes & nicknaming professors. ”

  • Ms Padma B S
    Managing Director mLAC Batch - 1992 – 1995

    “The college had a homely atmosphere and I got to identify my leadership skills. It still feels good to return to college; even though the buildings have changed, a lot of development has happened, feel welcomed after 25 years.”

  • Ms. Bhagya. S
    Journalist mLAC Batch - 2013

    “A degree is a very important stage in life. My college place a very important role on my degree. And I got a good lecturer who helps to build our journey strong and college support all the way to bring up our mindset and Carrier to the next level. ”