Welcome To ARPAN

“To bring Alumni together from all walks of life and surrender towards the Institution development”

Aims and objects

1.to provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the Institution.

2.to help alumni achieve their professional and societal goal

3.to help alumni in their hour of need

4.to facilitate the association of alumni with their alma mater,

5.to contribute to the Institute’s vision of being recognized as a leading Institution in academics, research, outreach and innovation.

6.to function the association “no profit and no loss basis”,

7.to promote best practices in different areas of science, technology, humanities and social science for the benefits of the society, especially for weaker sections.

8. to create awareness about the Institution and its Alumni in public.

9. to assist deserving students from the sanctions of the society financially.

10. to play a significant role in placement of mLAC student


Association Registration Documents